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Existing barcodes can be found here. None of them can be scanned if they are deformed or obscured. Also, check out additional information down below.

Our Competitors

Presence of other players in the space validates existance of a market. While checking them out, look for robots called package induction robots, singulation robots or pick & place robots. See some numbers down below.


Locus Robotics

Visit locus homepage & scroll down to find these metrics

Currently in the market providing Robotics-As-A-Service (RAAS) with 13k+ bots. They just have automated carts, but packages are still being picked from the racks and placed into the carts manually as shown here.

Pick & place is achievable by the robots. But scanning barcodes on the packages, before placing into the carts, is extremely challenging because of the reasons discussed in our video above.

But as you know, WE can do it!

Dexterity's case study

Visit here & scroll down to find these metrics

On a best day, scan rate is 92% when polybags are 36%. Average polybag split will be much higher which drops the scan rate reducing throughput. An inefficiency that loses companies millions of dollars every year.



RFID is one existing technology that can overcome the deformed and obscured barcodes problem. But RFID technology has it's limits.

Generally, scanning devices are installed at a distance from fast moving conveyor belts carrying different size packages. So narrowing down the radiowaves to specific area on a conveyor from a distance is not possible. Also, cost of RFID tags are high which alone makes it not feasible.


Advanced human like robotic arms may be used to flatten the packages. They require precision touch sensors to avoid crushing packages and damaging the contents inside. The problem is they will not be cost effective and introduces a point of failure.

AI computation hardware, needed to handle additional sensor inputs, will drive up the cost. The pressure sensors are notoriously expensive. Their maintenance costs will go beyond the savings made by chasing higher throughput.


Our robot arm system can solve the issue in hand. We can capture a market share at various levels with patent protected tech by offering complete robot arm systems or standalone scanning solution for use with existing automation.